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Just a Little Scribbler

Looking out at my new studio in the back garden, which is waiting to be filled with glorious creativity, I think how fortunate I am to have been on a journey to this point, with art being such an important part of my way of life.

My new creative space

Starting as a little scribbler, with mother’s lipstick on pages in my big sister’s favourite book “Alice in Wonderland”, like most children I just loved mark making and drawing incredible stories, and fantastical beasts, that only I could imagine. It is a good thing that I moved on from destroying perfectly good reading material and settled on the magic of pencil and paper to illuminate my thoughts.

Now, as a ‘mature’ person, I find that I have mostly forgotten how to draw in that spontaneous unfettered manner of a child and spend much time searching for the threads back to childlike artlessness.

Perhaps the new creative space, my happy place, will take me some way back to childishness, or will I forever be drawing on what I know and not on what I see and feel, whether imagined or real. Time will tell.

Sketchbook scribbles …

Hello Mr Crow

I’ve been told you’re smart as me.

Well, that’s as well as it may be.

Can you draw? It seems I can’t.

You could but try, decide I shant.

My knees are all skewwhiff you see,

But you’re as handsome as can be.


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