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It has been some time since my last blog. There are many reasons for the pause in communication with anyone who might be interested in my penned ramblings, not least of all being that my audience has not turned up yet.

However, it is my belief that making excuses for not doing something is really a pointless exercise. It is simply a case of not having done something or planning to do something alternative to that which you had previously proposed to do, and that is all there is to it. Audience or no audience, no disrespect for current or future audiences.

So here I am today, sharing with anyone who may be vaguely curious about the state of things in my garden studio. Bottom line … it is quite a mess but hopefully it will all dovetail from chaos to calm as I prepare for the Swan Open Studios event, which by the way, is planned for 27 August to 4 September 2022.


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