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Don't Get lost

Such good advice for those who may unwisely consider doing that very thing. I have been lost from time to time, but never intentionally so advising me not to do so is pointless. I have wanted to get lost and been told to get lost but never gone out of my way to get lost. If I had then I would not be truly lost. Merely wandering, and perhaps wondering. Getting a bit lost right now so will make my way back to my original thought.

It is possible to lose your way with a project and difficult sometimes to make your way back when all hope of reaching your original goal has faded. I find that the best thing to do is stop, re-assess the original goal and adjust the objective to accommodate where I am at or put the project in the lesson-learnt bin and start again. I am talking about a recent project of mine. The objective was clear. However, using someone else’s path, I lost my way. Lesson is simple. Develop confidence in your own pathways and see where they will lead you. Be open to your own new discoveries. Exploration can be so exciting. My tragic piece found its way into the lesson-learnt bin.

Breadcrumbs and string

If knowing that you can turn back

gives courage to go forward

a ball of string could be the thing

but just what length of string to bring?

If you must keep track of where you’re at

then don’t rely on breadcrumbs

except of course unless a bird

then crumbs are tasty yum yums.

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