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A little about me


​I am a visual artist, with wide interests and disciplines; constantly exploring concepts and materials.  Of Late, I have enjoyed working on still-life and portraiture, capturing stilled moments in the metronomically measured passage of time.  However, the ephemeral nature of life and the environment, in particular the cloistered world of my own garden, has informed much of my recent work presented in book format. 

An ongoing engagement with the natural world provides an infinite source of inspiration and capturing the charm and unfettered joy and adoration of the much-loved pets I have the pleasure of meeting, has great fascination for me.  

Pursuing a degree in art relatively late in life, brought me to a new process of engagement with my creative self.  Taking time to reach this point where I can focus on my art practice, I now enjoy every moment with my pencils and paints.


“I encourage everyone to explore their creativity as part of daily life.” 


Julie Hein 


“Through a reverence to mark making, Julie Hein revitalizes her family’s long association with paper, brushes, ink, and paint. Memories run deep. 

Julie negotiates a thoughtful path for her practice combining her ease with materials, a strong ability to empathize, and a love of irony and humour when dealing with the bigger questions of life. She likes to draw people and is deeply interested in the richness within ordinary lives. 

Each work is a complex of sensory encounters, where ‘subject’ and artist each leave a trace of the other’s existence. The process of making each mark exposes something of the artist and of the subject simultaneously. This moment in history is shared by both, as ‘a mark in time’ - an ephemeral moment within a situated fragment of story.

Julie engages with the idea of ‘lost time’.  Her work leaves a metonymic trace of an event in time and space, whilst providing the viewer a material link with the future.  

Most recently, exploration in the use of a variety of media to convey her ideas has led Julie on a journey of discovery of the perspicuity of written word, sound, and hand drawn animation techniques - and sometimes performance – and it will be interesting to see where these means of expression will lead.”


Judith Durey, (artist and lecturer at Curtin, 2008)


Bachelor of Arts (Art) - Curtin University (2010)

Certificate of Art and Design Prelim – TAFE (1990) - Sculpture

Diploma in Art Studies – TAFE (completed 1987) including: Painting, Design and Printmaking, Drawing, Studio Painting, Art Studio Business Practice, Metal Jewellery and Enamelling, Art History.   

Guild of St Richard Award for Highest Marks Stage 4 Diploma of Art Studies 1985

Diploma of Freelance Cartooning & Illustration (completed 1998) Australian College of Journalism 


2022 Cossack Art Exhibition

2021 The 2nd Best Time is Now, Mundaring Art Centre Exhibition 

2021 Cossack Art Exhibition

2019 Place and Space, Shire of Mundaring Open Art Acquisition Exhibition 

2019 Visual Art Awards, Town of Bassendean 

2018 Galvanise, Artsource, Fremantle 

2017 Visual Art Awards, Town of Bassendean

2013 Open Day Exhibition, Front Studio, Artsource Midland Studios  

2012 Lush, City of Swan, The Gallery, Ellenbrook

2012 Collective Showcase, Artsource Midland Studios

2012 Visual Art Awards, Town of Bassendean 

2012 Collective Open Day, Artsource Midland Studios 

2012 WA Print Awards – City of Swan

2011 Observing the Human Form, City of Swan

2010 Home Open Exhibition, Fremantle Arts Centre

2010 Grad Show, Curtin University, Bentley, W.A.

2010 20 x 20, Tangent Gallery, Curtin University, Bentley, W.A.

2004 Centenary of Western Australian Cartoonists, Curated by Phil Faigen

2003 Cartoon Central – ACA - curator and exhibitor

2002 Cartoon Central – ACA - curator and exhibitor

2002 Ink Drops - Fremantle Arts Centre

2000 WA Ink – An exhibition of Black & White Art, Fremantle Arts Centre  

2001 ABWAC, Exhibition Clancy’s Fremantle  


·         Drawing for Fun, Town of Bassendean Leisure Course Programme term 2 2014 

·         Book Re-purposing, Bassendean Arts Council, April 2014

·         Book Re-purposing, City of Swan, Altone Park, 13 December 2013

·         Book Re-purposing, Shire of Toodyay, Library, 6 December 2013

·         Bookbinding, Artsource Midland Studio workshop November 2013

·         Bookbinding, Artsource Midland Studio workshop October 2013

·         Printmaking Intro, Artsource Midland Studio workshop, October 2013

·         Book Re-purposing, Artsource Midland Studio workshop September 2013

·         Bookbinding, Artsource Midland Studio workshop August 2013

·         Bookbinding, Artsource Midland Studio workshop July 2013

·         Bookbinding, Town, of Bassendean Leisure Course Programme Term 4 2013  

·         Book Re-purposing, Town of Bassendean Leisure Course Programme Term 4 2013

·         Bookbinding, City of Stirling, 7 September 2013

·         Book Re-purposing, City of Rockingham Community, March 2013

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