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Let it go ...

Now and then, I need to be reminded that not all time spent with pencils and crayons, or splashing about with paint, will result in triumph. Today I was reminded and now share this advice with you. If a creative undertaking is not giving joy, then stop. It may be as far as you can go with this endeavour. Although it may be possible to resurrect some redeeming features of a work that is not quite making it - anything is possible - ask yourself, is it worth the time and effort? Be honest, decisive and move on. You will feel so much better. So, when the life has left your work, let it go. Attempts at resuscitation will only waste precious time.

I admit to having one or two long abandoned projects that are occasionally dragged to the easel or drawing board, with the hope of creating a miraculous recovery, and satisfactory conclusion. However, reigniting that initial spark is difficult and at this point in my life, there really is no time to waste.

A new beginning is a wonderful thing. What does it matter that the trail is littered with discarded possibilities and fallen good intentions. Surely it is what you do now that counts.

One-sided conversation with the discarded.

“Hello Scrap.

I can see that you have made the most of so many discarded items. It is admirable to give new meaning and purpose to unwanted things.

Do you think that there are just too many things about these days?

How do you feel about wanton waste?

Personally, I believe, the biggest and most unforgivable waste, is that of precious time."

Time can never be recalled or reused, recycled, replaced, revamped, redirected, restored, recovered, returned, readdressed, regained, redecorated, or repurposed. Once passed this point, time is fully spent. Mind you, it does continue to heal and comfort but it can distort memory. Time carries on teaching and giving confessional counsel, but it will eventually tell. It is relentless and it waits for no one. Once lost it can never be found. So, if you must spend it, do so wisely.


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