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Jump right in!

Yay! Today I clicked the ‘Publish’ button and made my web page available to all. Been looking at the draft for such a long time and asking, “shall I, shan’t I?” Finally, with the fear and excitement of a child walking to the end of a jetty out over a dark river, I just went up to the edge and jumped in. Now, happily treading water, I realize it is not such a big deal, particularly as I will probably be the only person to visit the site.

Seems to me that so much time and energy is wasted worrying about the unknown. Yet here we are in this moment, having survived so many yesterdays when yesterday’s tomorrows held considerable amounts of unknown. Best we can do is plan, prepare and proceed. One step, followed by another, and we are on our way. Much the same as when we approach a blank canvas or clean white sheet of paper. Plan, prepare and proceed … that is a little perspicacity for today. Or you could just bravely splash right into the unknown. That can work too.

Sketchbook scribbles

First one step and then the next

Plan not to be over vexed.

Be prepared and not perplexed

Proceed, one step, and then the next.

Or live a life without these checks, and …

run, skip, collide, crash, bang, scramble, jump, tumble, fumble, stumble, leap, free-fall, fly, plunge, drop, plummet, dive, improvise, salsa, slide, sing and fling yourself into the exciting unknown.


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